Satya Gautam
Satya Gautam
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Satya Gautam Vadlamudi is the Head (VP) of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at CreditVidya. He is an accomplished Data Scientist with multiple projects under his belt. Gautam previously worked as the Lead Data Scientist for Capillary Technologies and has also worked at Google and was a critical team member for development of Orkut. He is an academician at heart and has completed his post Doctoral research from Arizona State University and completed his PhD from IIT Kharagpur. Gautam also worked at Intel Corporation in the past.

Understanding The Difference Between Credit Scores & Credit Risk Assessment

In this article we provide a fresh perspective on how one can improve credit risk assessment in lending to help reduce non-performing assets (NPAs). The benefits of improving credit risk assessment are immense for all of us as a society,…

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