D Justhy
D Justhy
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D. Justhy is the founder of the Data Strategy Lab & CEO of Claritysquare Technology, based out of Zürich, Switzerland. He is an expert data technologist and practitioner, consulting globally and is also the author of ‘The Billion Dollar Byte – Turn Big Data Into Good Profits. The Datapreneur™ Way.’

Nurture ‘The Datapreneur’ for Sustainable Digital Age Success

The scarcity of resources is a challenge that has been plaguing the world for the past few decades. Sustainable development is possible only through the judicious use of these scarce resources. Organizations around the world are implementing technological solutions to…

Importance of a Digital Strategy to Enable a World-Class Analytics Culture

A company is considered digital if its business model and processes are digital. In general, data is a reflection of the business process, which in turn, is a reflection of the business model, and this is once again a reflection…

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