Dipayan Chakraborty
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Dipayan leads the global delivery operations for TEG, servicing clients in US, Latin America, and India. Dipayan has over nine years of analytics experience across various domains. He has operated in analytics KPO captive units for a major MNC Financial institution as well as been part of the core team of the first successful offshore based analytics consulting firm out of India. Dipayan holds a MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from St.Xavier’s College, Calcutta.

Voice of Customer Analytics – A Deep Dive

Voice of customer surveys are increasingly used across the world. There are smart software vendors that have created easy to use platforms to deploy such surveys as well as capture the data from the feedback. The article talks about the…

Mining Customer Loyalty Data for Insights on Purchasing Behaviour

We hope to answer the following key questions in this case study What does Loyalty card do for a retailer which they cannot observe from a basket or invoice level details? How to measure the success of a loyalty program?…

Digital Marketing – Impact Measurement & KPI’s

Digital advertising is increasing in importance, even for heavy users of traditional media like CPG firms. Among TEG clients, we are seeing upto 1% of revenue being allocated for digital advertising. Consequently management is asking questions of the digital marketing…

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