devavrat kulkarni
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Devavrat Kulkarni is a Senior Business Analyst with Maven Systems. Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd. is Pune based end-to-end product development company working in the M2M / IoT field. Maven’s area of expertise is wireless communication for a wide spectrum of domains. Maven has developed products for smart lighting, smart metering, medical wearables, industrial and home automation, asset monitoring and heavy equipment remote monitoring. Maven has won several awards from NASSCOM, Red Herring, Texas Instruments, Vodafone and so on. With clients in 19 different countries, Maven has a global reach.

Smart Cities: Optimize Street Lighting in India

Currently, more than 27 million street lights light up the nights in India. Most of these are CFL, metal halides or sodium vapor lights. Various sources place the demand of electricity for these street lights as anywhere between 20 to…

Increasing productivity of construction equipment by analytics

The construction industry is probably one of the oldest industries in the world and still growing as more advanced equipment are being designed today. Since, the construction industry uses heavy equipment like dumpers, excavators, cranes, Ready-Mix-Concrete (RMC) trucks, tippers, etc.;…

Using Analytics & IoT to Optimize performance of Diesel generator sets

Diesel generator (DG) sets are used by a wide variety of businesses most of the times to provide a backup power source. It comes in varying capacities for various businesses that they serve in such as,  manufacturing, mining, off-shore platforms,…

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