Bitanshu Das
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Bitanshu is a rookie in the field of analytics, starting his career as analyst with Kruxonomy. He is a B.tech from NIT Rourkela and worked 2 years in core sector before deciding to make a switch to analytics. He has undergone a 1 yr PGP course in analytics with Praxis Busiess School. He has a good statistical understanding and loves to play around with the data and deriving insights. He believes a proper visualization of data is half the work done for a analyst to tell a story.

Blockchain Technology – The immutable database revolution

Blockchain technology is quickly becoming the new technological buzz. The finance world is looking at it to create a safer banking environment. It is stated to have the potential to be a new development environment for decentralized applications. It is…

A Data Comparison Between Real Madrid CF, Atletico Madrid And FC Barcelona – The Liga Rivals

After the success of the “other” club from the Spanish Capital, the La liga has now become a three horse race. Spanish football, always regarded as beautiful and technical, has now a new style – the physical and brash kind…

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