Bharat Adibhatla
Bharat Adibhatla
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Bharat is a voracious reader of biographies and political tomes. He is also an avid astrologer and storyteller who is very active on social media.

Say Hello To STACL, Baidu’s New Innovation For Improving Simultaneous Translation

Translating a language is a tedious job which involves listening, speaking and a thorough command over the language. An assignment which needs a high degree of skills for humans to have might be a cakewalk for modern computer technologies such…

7 Things Data Scientists Must Have In Their Resumes

The hottest job of the century is all about acquiring and mastering right skills aligned to the job. Presenting them on your resume is quintessential if you want to land a data scientist job. However, there are some key skills…

Neuroscience Holds The Key To More ‘Human’ Artificial Intelligence

Unlocking The Brain Most of today’s crucial machine learning algorithms have come from research into neuroscience. A recent study showed that hippocampus, a vital part of the brain is responsible for the replays of those experiences during rest and sleep.…

Online Education Vs Traditional Degrees: Students Armed With AI/ML Skills Have An Edge Over The Others

In the last few years, India has witnessed rapid changes in the educational technology landscape. The spurt of jobs in emerging technologies — artificial intelligence and machine learning has spurred the growth of EdTech companies which are at the forefront…

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