Aurovrata Venet
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Aurovrata is a Frenchman made in India! Schooled in Pondicherry and Ooty, he went on to get a PhD in Astrophysics from Imperial College, London; worked as an analyst at a large investment bank, developed data tools for the planetary missions of the European Space Agency, assisted in the running of an aircraft company in Bangalore, and recently headed the performance team at Renault-Nissan IS centre in Chennai. Today, he heads the Creative strategy and Analytics department of a small consultancy firm offering Business Intelligence and Sustainable Business practices services to SMEs. He also maintains a blog on sustainable development in India, Syllogic Thinks! and a humour blog called Only In India. You can tweet him @aurovrata.

The Question of Cost – Part 1

Fundamental to any enterprise the question of cost as opposed to price of a service or product. Price is often set by the market, the business has little lee-way to set the price either below or above market expectations depending…

BI for Small Businesses

Businesses throughout the world are relying more and more on analytics to fine tune their operations. The application of data analysis techniques has been prevalent in large corporate companies for several decades to monitor sales, target audience for maximising marketing…

Hiring a good BI magician

Business analytics is the magical art of turning your business data into decision ready information.  I call it an art because it takes more than just analytical skills to render a good analysis.  Making sense of data requires an understanding…

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