Atul Jalan
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As CEO of Manthan, Atul’s single objective is to keep the spirit of invention and innovation alive at Manthan – a spirit that has seen Manthan go on to become one of the leading contenders in analytics business solutions for consumer industries worldwide. Manthan is Atul’s fourth successful venture after MicroTrack, Cybertrek and Net Kraft. And today, is among the few Indian companies that can boast an analytics portfolio that several Fortune 500 companies rely on.

A requiem for Alan Turing

I started off life with many heroes. Thanks to my grandparents, I had enough and more from mythology. And then of course, there was Hercules. Then I grew a little older, became monotheistic and concentrated all my worship on Alan…

The Siri-ization of analytics

The other day I was watching my son break his head against math when it struck me that I have no idea what math will do for his future. My father’s script was much simpler – he knew that if…

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