Anurag Verma
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CEO, MathLogic ( Overall 19 years of experience in Analytics/ Consulting. I have worked with Indian and Global companies across Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecom and Retail. I am very excited to be part of MathLogic - A specialty Analytics Consulting firm.

Why Spark is the new R?

As companies are moving more and more data to Hadoop, the analysts/ data scientists using them are realizing the limitations of tools they have used in past – SAS/ SPSS/ R/ KXEN. While R had promise of being able to…

Big Data Analytics for Banks

BIG DATA ANALYTICS IS BIG NEWS! Data is growing at a tremendous rate with an increase in digital universe from 281 Exabyte’s (in year 2007) to 8000 Exabyte’s (in year 2015). The banking and financial services (BFS) industry has been…

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