Anirudh VK
Anirudh VK
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I am an AI enthusiast and love keeping up with the latest events in the space. I love video games and pizza.

This Chinese Facial Recognition Startup Yitu Brings ‘Big Brother’ Kind Surveillance To Control Crime

Facial recognition is one of the biggest emerging technologies over the past few years, as seen by its widespread use across everyday lives. It has also entered the smartphone realm, with leading phone makers Apple and Samsung integrating facial recognition…

Now AI Can Recreate Bandersnatch — Choose Your Own Adventure Series From Scratch

Netflix shook the foundations of the entertainment industry when it released the interactive experience known as ‘Bandersnatch’ — the choose your own adventure series, which could very well serve as a blueprint for AI-powered interactive games. In the film, the…

Uber, Walmart & Netflix Look To India, The Next Growth Engine To Write Their Success Story

The Indian market has now become the hottest battleground for US-based companies thanks to its large talent pool and yet untapped market. However, the push for additional research and development facilities in the Indian subcontinent might indicate bigger plans for…

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