Animesh Samuel
Animesh Samuel
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Animesh Samuel is the co-founder and chief evangelist at Light Information Systems. An adventurer with a demonstrated history of product and marketing in the Information Technology industry, Animesh is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering. He loves to learn and upskill himself to lead and mentor start-ups by leading and mentoring start-ups! As cofounder at Light Information Systems, Animesh along with Sanjeev led a team of professionals to create the world’s first answering engine using NLP AI and domain-based routing to ensure that every question gets an answer rather than web link.

5 Key Benefits Of Using AI As A Long-Term Strategy For Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) can solve a myriad of organisational issues and bring in an aspect of much-needed agility as humans evolve on to making more complex decisions. AI can benefit people by freeing them from mundane, unchallenging tasks, hire new…

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