Amitendra Kumar
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Amitendra is a Data Scientist at The Analytica. He has more than 10 years of relevant industry experience. He is a passionate Analytics researcher.

A Google of your own things: IOT

I wear glasses and the biggest problem I encounter is that I simply forget where I have kept them. Now imagine a scenario where I could search them on Google and could get result like “it is lying on to…

Quantifying Human Resource: The Google Way

Google Inc. is the best company as per Forbes 2014 list of top 100 companies to work with. And the fact that Google has featured 8 times on the list compels us to think what they do differently. What is…

Analytics for a Better Life!

Its 10.30 AM, and the office has just started. Everyone is getting into their normal office routine when suddenly an alarm on the wall goes off. After a moment of silence among employees, there is sense of urgency. Everyone started…

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