Navneeth Shanmugam
Navneeth Shanmugam
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Navneeth is the Head of Analytics at Arvind Internet Limited - Division of Arvind Limited. He is responsible for leading the Data Science, Omni Channel Experience, Digital Transformation, Analytics, Business Intelligence and Product Management initiatives. He developed strategies for a Center of Excellence for BI and Data Science across both Retail and Online businesses to drive revenue from the existing customer base as well identifying future potential acquisitions using Digital Marketing.

How to optimize Digital Marketing spends that drives traffic to your Site?

We all know the money that we spend on Facebook and Google to drive performance and branding marketing activities. During the first few months of launch, we need to aggressively bring in traffic that will help in driving acquisitions. This…

3 Super Strategies to Identify your Loyal Customers

It is about having Tom Cruise as your boyfriend and you are never sure when someone is gonna steal him from you. You need to be at your best all the time. Else there are options all around the world…

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