Abhijit Joshi
Abhijit Joshi
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As a leader of Service Delivery, Abhijit and his team provide analytical services to the global hospitality industry by helping hotels price their rooms and also help them understand the analytical output of the IDeaS Revenue Optimization system. Starting his journey as a Business Analyst in 2002, his leadership journey began with the role of Manager – Revenue Optimization Analytics. In his current role, he is responsible for global delivery operations with multiple teams that are responsible for system configuration, setup, proactive monitoring, technical issue resolution as well as analytical services. He completed his engineering from VJTI, Mumbai followed by MBA, specialising in marketing from Mumbai University. Before starting his journey is analytics, Abhijit has worked in manufacturing industry as engineer with Toyota group.

Five Tenets of Analytics Product Development

Every software product has a specific value proposition. For instance, a mobile app or a product creates value for users on the go by providing them with specific content that can be displayed on a small screen despite intermittent Internet…

Growing Presence of Data Scientists in Building Analytics Products

As the software industry moved from the waterfall development methodology to agile, the role of research scientists (known as data scientist today) also evolved in the last fifteen years. Their work was limited to the design phase of the analytical…

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