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Analytics – the next Career Wave

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  1. Prasenjit Ganguly says:


    Very well researched and very well written.

    I have a strange feeling that we must unlearn whatever we have learnt in the HR domain in the last 2 decades or so. And the quicker we do it better will it for us. HR today is data centric and hugely tech driven. Granted, employee engagement continues to be the crux of everything, but how soon can we become explosively creative to be able to create a game changing difference in our respective work places? Yesterday! Our Today is going away and Tomorrow won’t happen if we don’t use cutting edge Analytics based practices and processes.to enliven HR.

    Prasenjit Ganguly

    So, when do we get to read yet another article from you?

  2. Maria,

    Hats off to you for authoring a fantastic article, indeed a great read and lot of insights and highlight about the world of Analytics. Particularly for companies like us, it’s very useful. By the way, Rinalytics is a specialized executive search and research firm focused exclusively in Analytics and Risk Management placements across various industry sectors, started by executive search professionals. The firm combines best-in-class executive search, research and selection experience, deep subject knowledge expertise, global experience and a start-up drive to excel – all geared to provide an unparalleled experience by inducing the concept of specialization.

    Keep writing.

    Many thanks
    Narasimhalu Senthil
    Rinalytics Advisors

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