Analytics India Jobs Study 2013

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  1. Atul Mittal says:

    What about the new survey data? I want to know the current statistics of Analytic jobs in India. Is it a good idea to work in India or should I try in another country?
    Private Jobs India

  2. rajesh says:

    Hi I am rajesh, I completed by b.tech and have only one year experience, what are the possible opportunity and how to get into a good company.

  3. shan says:

    Hi my name is shan from bangalore ,,I have 9 years experience in advertising field ..now joining Business Ananlytics from IIM kolkatta weekend course will it help me

  4. Data Analyst says:

    As evident from the hiring pattern, there is a lot hires at the leaders level like Head, VP, AVP, Director, Manager etc… I wonder why isnt there much traction on the hiring at practioner level, the ones who develop-implement the solutions. Or is it like there are enough of them already?!!!.

  5. Arun says:

    What’s the source of this data? And can you provide the no. of jobs surveyed?

    1. Kan says:

      Spoken like a true analytics professional!

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