Analytics India Industry Study 2013

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  1. V Shekhar Avasthy says:


    Good study! Congrats.

    Just curious to know the definition used for “Analytics” (i.e., what qualifies as an Analytics resource/ service?). I observe that nearly all (particularly large) vendors are selling Business Intelligence (e.g., Report Generation) kind of services in the name of “Analytics”. We are still very far away from using Statistics principles ‘scientifically’ and most of the vendors do not still have even the vision to use principles of OR/ Mathematical Modelling to solve CxO agenda issues. Moreover, it is really surprising to see that “Analytics” is still being sold on the platform of ‘cost arbitrage’ like any other outsourcing service – which is fundamentally a flawed proposition…Mind sharing what was used to define ‘Analytics’ please?

    Shekhar, Facts n Data

  2. Chandra P says:

    Hi Bhaskar,
    I’m currently working in chennai as SAS programmer from past 3 years and planning to learn analytics from any of the reputed institutions.Can you please suggest me the best training institutes and also how will be the carrier path in Analytical industry.

  3. Ramki@digitalmarketinganalytics says:

    Thanks Bhaskar for the nice Analytics India Study. It would be great, if the article contains list of best analytical companies City Wise

    1. Bhasker Gupta Bhasker Gupta says:

      Sure Ramki. I would soon be coming up with studies on analytics industries in each city. That should contain big names in analytics city wise. Thx

      1. Pratik Ashok says:

        Hy Bhaskar, that will be great… 🙂

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