Analytics – Football Simplified

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  1. Saptarshi Chatterjee says:

    Saptarshi Ray sir, it was a very unique article for me. But my question to you or for that matter to anyone else here is that, How Can a graduate student in Accounts and Finance take up the subject of Sports Analytics in India or Kolkata.?? Please do Suggest……….!! Are there any institutes in India at present who imparts the knowledge or has a good couse structure about Sports Analytics……??

  2. Kiran Lingam says:

    Just by deleting my previous comment doesn’t make this article good. The example is pretty poor. The numbers may be correlated but how can you explain the shots by striker and height. In that case Arsenal’s Mertesacker – 6ft 6 inches should be among the world’s best. Pretty poor from you guys..

  3. Dr. Anand. S says:

    Good creative analysis indeed! I hope this work really simplify the football game. I appreciate your new analytic approach. Keep it up!

  4. Kiran Lingam says:

    It is very basic not much depth is given and also very bad example of player height and shots by a striker. Could have been lot better..

  5. Nixon Fernando says:

    nice work Ray, keep the flag flying high…

  6. K. Srinivasa Reddy says:

    S. Ray

    Its good article and Best Congratulations.

    All the Best! Business Analytics

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