Analytics Education – USA vs. India

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  1. Your summary points are very valid, Bhasker, especially with respect to quality faculty and course curriculum.

    When we, at International School of Engineering (INSOFE) in Hyderabad (http://www.insofe.edu.in), designed the curriculum for our nearly 300-hour (equivalent to a US Masters in rigour) certificate program over 3 years back, we got together industry practitioners – most of them with PhDs from top US universities like Stanford, CMU, Johns Hopkins, etc. – and CMU faculty themselves to design the curriculum that would be taught in an applied manner by people who were practicing it themselves in the real-world.

    The challenge, of course, is also that those who practice – even though they are experts undoubtedly – must also be able to TEACH well. And that is a bigger challenge. We had to work really hard to be able to solve this problem at INSOFE, and as a result, today, even US universities trying to start these programs themselves are seeking our help in designing and executing them.

    Our students are also now getting special scholarships at many US universities to pursue their Masters programs there.

  2. sree says:

    Hello sir, In the above list, you have not included Indian institute of science Bangalore, which also offers a 2 year program on Masters in Business analytics and it is being there for the past 3odd years.

  3. Nishith says:

    Thank you Bhasker for providing the list of colleges offering the course in USA and India. I have few queries as below:-

    1. The list of colleges in the USA are in alphabetical order. Do we have a list according to rankings?

    2. Also, what I notice is that some colleges offer a degree in Analytics while some offer in Business Analytics or Data Science. So, whats the difference?

    3. Are there any colleges in Europe which offer this course as well?



    1. NEMO says:

      Warwick business school in the UK offer Masters in Business Analytics. This might be a considerable option if you are only looking for studies but no work after the completion of your degree in the United Kingdom, because their current visa policies doesn’t support work in the UK for international students (especially from south Asia) unless you prove yourself as Einstein.

      1. Nishith says:

        Thanks Nemo!!

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