Analytics Courses in India – A Comparison

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  1. Shafi says:

    Hello All,
    Thank you for giving such an insightful information about different colleges. However, can someone tell how is the course (Business Analytic and Business Intelligence) offered by IIM-Ranchi.

  2. Manish says:

    Great Lakes Institute of management, Gurgaon has introduced a new specialization for its flagship PGPM (1 year full time program) in Business Analytics, in addition to the already offered specializations in Marketing, Finance and IT/Operations. The Business Analytics specialization will be focusing on the current market needs while equipping the students with the required knowledge and skill set.Some of the subjects taught in BA are :

    Business Analytics

    SAS for Analytics
    Business Intelligence

    Marketing and Retail Analytics

    Web and Social Media Analytics

    Risk and Fraud Analytics

    Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
    Applied Analytics in Industry Domains

  3. SRN says:


    This is indeed a very good comparison interms of course details / cost / etc.

    I would love to see such comparison from elite universities of USA offering either MSBA or MSDA or Data Scientist degree.

    I am not sure on the career path of post certification course even if they are being offered from IIMS or ISB !!

  4. gayathri says:

    can some one help with me feedback on Analytics course provided by IIM Ranchi ?

  5. boral says:

    The cost of the courses is really high.

  6. Suvadeep Basu says:

    Right now I am pursuing a data Analytics certification program from Ivy Pro Business school kolkata , I here by wanted to know that will this certification be enough for me to get a job as fresher analyst & later on with the Job ex increasing I can opt for the course by ISB ……..

    1. Pankaj Singh says:

      Just have a look at Praxis Business School, Kolkata… Its has very good placement record with excellent faculties from IITs…The content of the course is vet rich !!!!

    2. Rohit says:

      Suvadeep, their course content looks comprehensive. An institute’s reputation is based on their faculty members’ knowledge and experience. You’d be a better judge since you’re already enrolled there. I’d say focus on the learning, more than the certification. Certifications don’t land you jobs, your knowledge does.

  7. Sandeep says:

    How good is Advance Institute of Analytics USA which has a 10 month full time programme and also would be good if you can compare the MSBA course by National University of Singapore.


  8. Abhishek Joshi says:

    How we can apply for these courses at there respective places?

  9. Ramki@digitalmarketinganalytics says:

    ISB seems good. There course is applied and cover key areas.

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