10 Emerging Analytics Start-ups in India to Watch in 2015

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  1. Rashmi Seth says:

    Pretty good list but I see there are some firms which are missing in this list. Analyttica Datalab Inc, Crayon Data, Koncept analytics

  2. Ankita Asthana says:

    Great to see so many Indian startups doing well. Being part of a startup myself, its feels great to see the market offering so many options to clients . We at Ma Foi Analytics too, offer advanced analytics solutions to provide actionable insights on the go. ServeSmart and CAPstone are two of our flagship products. The core technology differentiator is EPOChTM, a proprietary patent pending big-data context brokering platform. You can check us out @mafoianalytics http://www.mafoianalytics.com/

  3. Ashwa says:

    Delighted to see MachinePulse in the list.
    Finally our Specialized Analytics Solutions are gaining much deserved acknowledgement.
    For business enquiries please email us at: sales@machinepulse.com
    We are also hiring bright talent. Get in Touch: in.linkedin.com/pub/hr-manager/a4/43b/428

  4. Arun Krishnan says:

    Hi, You might also want to check us out. We are nFactorial Analytical Sciences, an Analytics company purely focusing on Talent Analytics. You can check us out at http://www.nfactorialanalytics.com

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