10 Boutique Analytics Firms in India You Wish You Worked For - 2013

10 Boutique Analytics Firms in India You Wish You Worked For – 2013

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  1. Neha Khanna says:

    You can also check out Ideata Analytics (https://ideata-analytics.com) . They have a very nice product in big data analytics space providing self service analytics and data preparation to business users.

  2. RL says:

    Has any body tried to call these companies? Trust me it’s a nightmare! They all have a global presence; however 80% of them do not even have an operator that can understand English or Hindi.
    My recommendation spend a subset of your marketing budget on getting your phone answered for sales.

  3. Gurinder Dua says:

    Watch out for Gmid Associates , a pure play advanced analytics startup…

    1. Hardik Chopra says:

      I have completed my Masters in Operational Research and would like to work with your company.
      Hardik Chopra,

  4. Ashish says:

    What about Inductis is it not worth mentioning here?

  5. Ankit says:

    What about ZS Associates? Is it worth going for career?

    1. Sanket says:

      ZS is a crap company….good that its not mentioned here…!!

  6. Swamy Pamu says:

    Hi Bhaskar,

    It’s quite interesting and important article. But, you missed some of the good analytics companies Genpact analytics, Sympony IRI and IHS.


    1. Bhasker Gupta Bhasker Gupta says:

      Hi Swamy,
      I wanted to just focus on the boutique analytics firms, standalone start-ups with deeper, niche and exclusive focus on analytics as a service delivery

  7. Aparna Mehra says:

    Hello Bhaskar,
    Very interesting article…thanks.
    Surprised that you have not picked up Brandscapes Worldwide in your top 10. We are an Analytics based Consulting firm in the Marketing domain, based at Mumbai. We were founded in 2006 by Pranesh Misra, and currently have around 25 clients around the globe, for whom we work in 40 countries. Our website is http://www.brandscapesworldwide.com
    It would be good to connect, and we would like to feature in Analytics India as well. Cheers!

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