10 Boutique Analytics Firms in India you wish you worked for – 2015

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  1. Shameek Roy Chowdhury says:

    Hi Bhasker,

    I am one of the many hundreds (if not thousands) who want to
    be part of the Analytics industry but currently finding it difficult to find a

    I have been searching the Analytics Job market (Bangalore) for
    quite some time now, and would really benefit from some guidance.

    I have seen in almost all Analytics Job Openings the
    educational background has to be either of the following: 1) BE/B.Tech 2) Masters in Eco/Stats/Maths or 3) MS in Computers. If at all MBA is
    considered they have to be from premier institutes.

    I have done MBA in Finance and currently have 5+years of
    experience in MIS/Reporting in EY in FP&A Domain. I have very good
    knowledge in Excel, Access and also have fairly good idea of VBA and T-SQL.

    So my question is:

    Does the Analytics industry hire MBA Finance professionals
    (from non-premier institutes)?

    If yes, will completing a course on SAS – open possibilities?
    I have come across a few SAS accredited Training centres in Bangalore (Epoch
    and Koenig). Recently Jigsaw Academy has received 20 crores from MaGE, and
    there are many more.

    I have come across many people who in spite of learning SAS
    and R – are finding it difficult to land a job.

    I believe the
    question is not about their Competency/Credibility in terms of training. The
    question is does the industry value those certificates for people who do not
    have the required background? And also
    the experience?

    1. Aditya Suri says:

      Hi Shameek,

      To quickly answer your question.Yes, companies do hire MBA finance professionals from non-premier institutes.
      Having strong statistics, math understanding, and problem solving techniques are the key factors. Advanced degrees and courses are the resources for any professional to have.

      To answer the other part of the your question which is finding a job inspite of taking courses. Now, one must understand what is the quality of content these courses provide. Learning through videos, pdf material can help you with overview of the course but not something meaningful. Check for content and then take courses. Certification isn’t deal maker, it’s your learning from these courses.

      There are many firms which are providing training on analytics, look for the ones which provide the right content for the courses. We are engaging with one such firm for our training needs, its Analyttica Treasurehunt http://learn.analyttica.com, they have a powerful simulations in each course which gives learning a powerful experience.

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